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Our clients consider our experts to be a part of their team and trust us to create mobile and web applications for a global audience. We work with startups and agencies, delivering high-quality products with complete discretion. Our clear understanding of both design and technology combined with our emphasis on culture and consumer behaviors enhance communication and the final result.

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When Venu Moola worked for agencies in New York City back in 2008, he was impressed with everyone’s dedication to getting digital product design just right. At the same time, he believed that a greater focus on technology was the key to bringing these products to life. He started Fleet Studio to bring this belief to fruition. For the past thirteen+ years, Fleet Studio has brought together experts with a passion for technology to build software products for startups, leading advertising agencies, brands, and enterprise customers.


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Venu Moola



Venu is the CEO of Fleet Studio and has been the Chief Technology Officer for several startups. Over the course of over 24+ years, he has worked with award-winning digital marketing agencies and has experience sourcing and leading teams of diverse technologists from across the globe. Combining management skills with hands-on experience, he innovates technology as an architect, engineer, and executive.

Profile Latha

Latha Kumanan

Director of Delivery

New York

Latha Kumanan is a hands-on technical lead with extensive knowledge in the design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of eCommerce web applications. She uses her 11 years of experience to build and lead software teams that are instrumental in developing successful web applications.


Naren Ethiraj

Director of Operations


After over a decade of experience in all-around managerial activities, Naren ensures that Fleet Studio can run smoothly. He supports employees at all levels to improve their efficiency and performance.


Shriram Thirukkumaran

Director of Technology


Shriram is a functional developer, machine-learning enthusiast, digital artist, and an avid quantum noob. He currently leads Fleet Studio’s technology and technical capabilities.

Profile Deepa

Deepa Krishnamoorthy

Technical Lead


A visual thinker and polyglot programmer, Deepa is highly analytical with technical expertise in providing effective, long-term, and scalable solutions to implement complex business rules. She is part of Fleet Studio’s core development team.


Profile Kip

Kip Voytek

Business Designer and Strategist

New York

Kip is a digital business builder with 20 years of executive leadership experience in digital strategy, customer experience, product management, and organizational design. He supports Fleet Studio’s product, creative, and strategy teams to help client companies harness technology.

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David Alcorn

Creative Director

New York

The knowledge David has gained after 21 years of experience has allowed him to partner with experts across digital marketing, experience strategy, mobile/web design, and build initiatives. He is able to see the connections between many topics and fill gaps in Fleet Studio’s team structures.

Profile Kris

Kris Kiger

Creative Director

New York

Kris has more than 20 years of hands-on experience working with and leading creative teams in delivering strategy-driven brand experiences for many of the world’s most recognizable companies. She works with Fleet Studio to help their clients navigate transitioning from traditional business environments to the digital, mobile, and social economy.

Profile Andy

Andy Sung

Consultant / Digital Transformation / Strategy / Management


Andy’s expertise spans digital marketing, site and software development, and management consulting. He enjoys working at the intersection of business, technology, and creativity to solve problems and find innovative solutions for Fleet Studio clients.    

Profile Nick

Nick Pahade

Strategic Advisor

New York

A successful operational leader, Nick brings Fleet Studio nearly two decades of experience across media and digital agencies, e-commerce, and technology platforms with a central focus on using technology for an integrated approach to media. He provides the skill and guidance needed to accelerate growth within the company.