Good Harvest

Good Harvest

good harvest


The Challenge

Good Harvest, a data management platform for the cannabis industry, needed to collect high volumes of data and gain meaningful insights from the collection. The client wanted a dashboard for the clients to onboard, generate tracker script, visualize data, and create and manage segments for the data collected from their sites.

Fleet Studio’s Solution

Fleet Studio built a custom DMP implementation using a standards based, opens source data pipeline, along with AWS Services like Redshift DB, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) for big data processing and analysis., NodeJS as backend for the APIs, ReactJS Frontend, and Google Tag Manager. These services combined together allowed Good Harvest to build their core product to collect high volumes of data and help build setup their service offerings.

What We Learned

Working with Good Harvest gave us experience building an end-to-end data pipeline using open source data collection.

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