Greenlight™ Environmental Monitoring System

Emilcott Greenlight

emilcott greenlight

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The Challenge

The Emilcott Greenlight Environment Monitoring system did not have an interface that could interact remotely with their on-site devices. They needed a tool for their clients to access the real-time data collected by the monitoring system.

Fleet Studio’s Solution

Fleet Studio added a monitoring interface on the web for the Greenlight Monitoring system. We built a middle-tier web services wrapper using API calls. This web interface enabled their field engineers to remotely view real-time data from the devices installed on-site. Once in place, the interface allowed them to interact, control, monitor, and turn their devices on and off remotely. They also could set alarm thresholds to notify them when an alarm went off on a device. In addition to the wrapper, we created a web portal for Emilcott’s clients to view reports from their sites in real-time.

What We Learned

Fleet Studio can use the Laravel framework with blade templates like what we used to build the interactive web services layer. We created the web interface with a mobile-first design in mind so Emilcott could access it on their laptops, phones, or tablets and read data and view graphs remotely on their devices. This ease of access made them able to carry out their tasks seamlessly.

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