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The Challenge

Some high-risk medical patients need assistance to remember to adhere to their medication. Pacific Life Technologies wanted to create an app to remind these patients to take their medicine at a specific time and allow the patient to notify the client that they had done so.

Fleet Studio’s Solution

Fleet Studio built an app that patients could use to remind them to take their medications at the prescribed times. To inform the client that the patient took their medication, Fleet Studio synced the app to an IoT electronic pill bottle called the BETR-Cap. Using Laravel, we built an admin dashboard to view reports generated from data collected by the BETR-Cap. Opening the bottle triggered a notification and displayed the details of the tablet count and time of the last intake. We made sure the bottle could send notifications to the Android app using Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What We Learned

Fleet Studio used Bluetooth technology to integrate the electronic pill bottle with the mobile app. The technology allowed the mobile phone to access a signal from the device. We gained experience using the Laravel framework to quickly create built-in registration and login functionality in apps. We further developed this framework to implement role-based access and new administration features.

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