product dev

The Challenge

Thirstie’s compliant and innovative solution powers e-commerce for liquor brands of any scale: from new emerging spirits to some of the largest conglomerates in the world. Thirstie also provides liquor brands with transparency into first-party customer data previously not visible to them. By working with Thirstie, liquor brands can move more product, reach new audiences, and learn more about their target audience. Being the leader in their space Thirstie wanted to bring industry leading best practices and stay ahead of the curve with their product and service offerings by implementing the latest technology solutions at a very fast pace.

Our Solution

Fleet Studio’s expertise in ecommerce, custom application development and data management platforms helped spearhead the technology offerings by bringing in-house expertise for Thirstie’s Engineering team to handle some of the latest technology platforms such as a Headless CMS and tech stacks including React and Vue in the Front end and Python and Node in the backend to provide the API based ecommerce solution.

What We Learned

Working with Thirstie’s founders along with their core engineering and data teams have given us great insights in how to run a startup with complete trust and transparency in working with a distributed team located in multiple timezones and continents and still remain focused on a single objective set forth by Thirstie’s Founders.

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